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Let’s Talk About Firefighters

What is it about firefighter’s that makes every single girl/lady/woman/fucking living creature with ovaries cum all over themselves?  There is no other profession that has this effect on women.  ALL females, have a thing for firefighters.

You’re welcome.

I lived behind a firehouse for about a year in college, and it was friggen fantastic.  I think I fell a little in love with every single one of them.  I struck up an odd friendship with one… he would randomly knock on my door during his shift and borrow a movie (I have an impressive collection), but let’s get serious, it wasn’t about the movie.  Hmmm I think we’re still facebook friends.  Anyway!  Does anyone have any real insight as to what the meaning behind this infatuation is?  Yes I know, they save lives…. they’re in good shape… blah blah blah.  But there must be more to it.  Paramedics save lives, cops save lives, Doctors for Christ sakes!  UPS guys are in GREAT shape (have you ever noticed that every UPS man has fantastic legs?)  So what is the deep seeded reason that all women have a soft spot for firefighter’s?

My old college roommate walking in front of our apartment building. The brick building in front of him was the Firehouse. I just like this picture…

I brought this observation up to a male bartender that I once knew, and for a second, I thought he made a sound argument.  He mentioned that all girls are the same way with bartenders.  Reluctantly, I had to agree… he was right.  But!  Then I rebutted because not all women spend time in bars.  Duh!  True, there is also something about bartender’s that get the girls going, but not all girls go to bars.  ALL women LOVE firefighters.  From teenagers to senior citizens… from goth wannabe’s to preparatory students… from stay at home mom’s to tattooed drug addicts… we all love fall in love with firefighters.

I think it must have to do with the media, like everything else.  Firefighters are always depicted as the good guy.  They save people and cats, but do so without corruption (cops) and while risking their own lives in the process, unlike doctor’s.  They can do no wrong because in our minds, it’s the last honest, and truly selfless profession.  If firefighters made a lot more money than they do, we probably wouldn’t be quite as into them, even though that seems backwards.  But it would take away from the “selflessness” of their image if they were rolling around in cash.

Does anyone have any insight into this psychological question?

P.S.  I googled, “hot firefighter” and this was the first image that came up and I just had to share because I think this is hilarious.  Not sexy at all… just flat out weird.


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