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The Juggler

Please, remember me, fondly
By the jukebox falling on each other’s hopes
to stay afloat.
The Captain sailed us to our secret haven
destroyed, by angry boys,
making fools of all our candy covered lies
to stay by your side.
I’m sorry Doc Holiday never saw us through the night.

Please, remember me, as in a dream
Summer rain pouring along and playing our secret songs,
tearing down walls
On that playground in Angel Falls
Only now I see we always loved him more.
Your bedroom floor, gave way to all temptations of the years,
we ran with fears, then you disappeared.
So I’ll sing you a lullaby, it’s no Billy Joel,
“Lay down my love, so I can breathe in your soul.”

Please, remember me, courageously
By the host stand laughing at that girl,
I forget her name, but she later called you beautiful.
The time then passed, and overlapped
You were fighting lions while I simply fought a lamb,
and then we just got buried in the Middle Eastern sand.
So here’s to you, and I’ll kiss your cheek,
And tell you to never look back at me.

Please, think of me, painlessly
After school racing with time, before your Mom came home
and we were overthrown.
Making up names of faceless kid’s we’ll never have
A girl and boy
our fucked up joy
Someone save us from eternity.
And please, ignore me, when I whisper in your ear,
“We can say goodbye now, there’s nothing left for us here.”

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